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Treaty Benefits
3,000+ bilateral tax treaties provision benefits and resolve taxation issues for international assignments and cross-border employment. It goes without saying, firms must use pratical treaty knowledge for easier, cheaper, and less risky assignments. Treaty benefits come standard in our product as part of IA policy, tax planning, benefits, compliance, and help add to credits, exemptions, and corporate savings.
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Double Taxation
We leverage tax treaties to avoid double taxation at the corporate level, employment income level, and social contributions level. We'll advise and assist with credits, exemptions, deductions, and certificates of coverage. For complex cases we'll refer to one of our Big Four partner accounting firms.
Special Tax Rates
Many bilateral treaties provide special tax rates or special tax residency status for assignees or employees of a foreign enterprise. These tax benefits can relate to basic employment income tax, relocations, benefits, worldwide income considerations, and more.
Employment Relations
It's our practical knolwedge of treaties that enables us to offer various employment relations between your firm, your employees, and Worldly, for most of our supported home-host country pairs. "Continuity" and "Handover" are our two core strategies.
The OECD Model Tax Convention
Learn how the OECD Model governs cross-border economic activity, important anti-avoidance treaty updates, and the expanded guidelines for the taxation vehicle known as permanent establishment: International taxation knowledge base
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