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Getting Comfortable
We cover MNC relocation benefits ranging from housing, goods shipment, workspace, mobile plans, language and culture courses, a relocation allowance, and a Worldly expat network.
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Workplaces in Premier Downtown Locations
Since employees are often sent to explore market opportunities without a local branch office, we get employees setup in desirable downtown workplaces, often at steep negotiated discounts.
Setup For Happiness
We can outfit long-term assignees with mobile plans, gym and social club memberships, and desirable apartments. We also make introductions and recommendations for schools, doctors, and members of the relevant business community.
Power of Scale
It's our growing presence in countries across the world that allows us to offer top level conceirge packages, typically at steep discounts. We pass those saving onto you, or in some cases, in the form of signing bonuses.
MNC-Style Relocation
For most assignments, we'll use your relocation policy and cost ranges detailed in your IA Policy. Usually we'll work through a top relocation service specialist for a flat-rate. Cartus is one of our trusted firms for relocation and is a favorite among multinational companies.
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