Our RPA Automates with Visibility
We use robotic process automation (RPA) throughout our platforms to automate workflows and operations, from collaboration with experts and partners, scheduling next steps in mobility, withholding and remittance reports, and assignee engagement.
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Streamlining Back End Operations
As we scale, it can become an expensive and time consuming mess coordinating tasks and input from experts and partners around the world. Our RPA, integrated gives Worldly a clear advantage in the marketplace. The customer ultimately gets better and more affordable mobiliy.
Real-Time Visibility and Alerts
Our platforms keep customers informed in real time about every step of the mobility process, and gives real-time insights about employees. We automate scheduling, and automatically send requests, nudges, and warnings, so you don't lose time and can get ahead of issues.
Software as a Service
We've made available for license our internal mobility and PEO management software. Our partnerships page is a good place to start. We believe we can grow the industry itself; more firms adopting lean technology is better for everyone.
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