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Localized professionals and self-initiated expats are key segments in global talent management and new market expansion. Utilize our network of highly skilled expats in economies around the globe, and utiliize our HR automation to increase reach and drive costs down.
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Expat Network
Hire established, expatriate professionals in new markets, often a cheaper and less risky altnerative to an international assignment. We'll give you access to our expat network, acquired through helping talented professionals have global careers
Agency Licenses
Given recruitment is regulated differently by country, Worldly and our strategic partners have access to recruitment licenses in most hiring markets to help you hire the local talent you need.
Recruitment Technology
We can offer affordable, at-scale recruitment campaigns in local markets due to our use of HR automation tools. We invest in technology which is why we joined teams with an AI-HR development firm.
Strategic HRM at a Global Level
Learn more about utilizing skilled expat talent like SIEs and LOPATs in our Expat Kaleidoscope or learn about global talent management in our knowledge base
Natural Language Recruitment Experiences
Our natural language AI, with support reps in the loop, guides candidates through early round screening. We narrow the funnel so your team spends their time only on the best candidates.
Worldly's self-managed platforms mean that managing global talent is easy
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