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We offer protections on all major fronts of international assignments and global employment: Generous compliance, tax/audit, and visa protections. IP and data protections. PE assessment and management. Assignee success. Reduced financial risk through domestic and treaty tax strategies. Our entity network's presence and local insurances.
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Expert Compliance and Legal Presence
We deliver expert compliance for mobility, tax, and employee lifecycle/HR in countries around the world. As partners, our legal presence in countries helps you gain access to host-country legal recourse such as in IP disputes. Our expertise, strategies, and policies incorporating domestic and treaty tax law protect you from double or unnecessary tax.
Company Protections
For all customers we offer generous protections in the event of audits or tax/compliance/HR issues caused in part by Worldly. We likewise offer a visa protection policy, which covers costs, reapplications, and for some cases is a guarantee of procurement. For companies engaging in activity that may trigger a PE, we provide assessment, simple registration, and management. We hold EPLI and IP insurances where available.
Employee Protections
With Fortune 500 level benefit packages employees are covered at the same level or better than at home. They'll have access to travel insurance and emergency services like International SOS. The tax protection extends to home and host tax returns when using our tax advisory or partner's tax return preparation. We also know why assignments fail— support for dual career couples, family, and repatriation baked into policy makes for less risky assignments.
Cross-Border Tax and Compliance Protection
Up to $50,000 USD Per Employee
Available for all customers starting November 2020
Top MNC Visa Firm for All-Inclusive $3,000 USD
Backed by our Visa Protection Policy
Available for all customers starting November 2020
Global Payroll
Strategic and Integrated Payroll
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Tax Coverage
Treaty Benefits and Domestic Codes
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