Our Platforms
Our integrated set of platforms for global mobility, global HR, international payroll, and our employee portal, will make your life easy and your employees happy. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, emails, and headaches. Simplicity, central control, visibility and insights, and integrations for seamless usage.
By the Numbers
of clients say that with Worldy, easy access to reporting and analytics helps them make more data-informed global talent management decisions
of clients agree: Worldly's strategic payroll with compensation collection reduces overhead
less time is spent by Worldly clients on finding the assignment and/or employment insights they're looking for
Source: 2020 Worldly interenal survey of clients, "The Platform Experience"
Conversational AI + Experts in the Loop
Our natural language AI, with experts and support reps in the loop, guides you through the whole process and streamlines, simplifies everything you need to do. You won't find this anywhere else; we merged with an AI company to achieve this.
"The conversational technology, forward movement, and transparency provided by the Worldly platform have been game changers."
Daniel Nichols, Director
One Place to Manage Everything
With integrations available, our platforms bring together your team and our experts, support staff, and AI, for one place to manage documents, workflows, communication, mobility, HR, and payroll. Your dashboard gives you real-time visibility, the insights you care about, and surfaces problems you might need to manage. As easy as managing domestic employees.
Platforms that Power Global Mobility
Global Mobility
A cutting-edge platform in the global mobility and international HR space. Launch assignments and manage all aspects of the employee lifecycle with our standalone platform, or opt for integrations into your current HR management.
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International Payroll
Simplified payroll and compensation management for your international employees, reducinig the complexity and obligations of international compliance to simple regular invoices.
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Employee Portal
Our portal posts available benefits and services, maintains key documents, generates pay slips, handles reimbursements, and offers direct channels to experts for tax, benefit, and travel advisory.
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Integrations for your team
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Cutting Edge AI and RPA
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