Our Story
Our Story
Two Early-Stage Ventures Teamed up to Change the World
A team with deep experience in global HRM and international taxation met a team from Silicon Valley and Singapore working on AI and process automation in the HR space. Together we decided to pioneer a new model: Global talent mobility for all.
Advanced Technology
Only Worldly connects all parties and aspects of global mobility on a platform, with AI and automation driving front end experience and back end operations.
Expertise and an Expert Network
Only Worldly integrates a robust, global network of top HR, tax, and mobility professionals, there to help at any stage for both employee and company. Our strategic HRM and tax expertise is built into our platforms, for no extra charge.
A New Class of Globally Enabled Companies
Companies of all sizes can take away the cost, complexity, and risk of global assignments and global expansion. We're enabling a new class of globally agile companies.
Global Perspective
We bring our passion for the global treaty space, international tax case law, MNC best-practices for international assignments and strategic HRM, and a commitment to global citizenship, all driving us to work on creating a better world.
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