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Risk Mitigation
Managed PEs
Assessment and affordable management of permanent establishments. Especially with recent tax treaty updates, permanent establishment risk is always present in cross-border assignments/employment. It is based on the substance and beneficiaries of the activity, less on surface factors like time present, legal employer, or office location.
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Free Assessment
We offer clients a free PE assessment. We leverage our client experience, expertise in international tax case law, and MNC best-practices to objectively assess your exposure to PE and liklihood of additional tax.
Affordable Management
It's often easy and inexpensive to manage a PE in a country. We'll handle the leg work, remit where required, and help you properly itemize your accounts, for a flat fee.
Special Protections
Our general compliance and taxation protection policy extends to managed PEs, which means protection of up to $50,000 USD per employee as the result of any mistakes made in managing the PE.
The Right to Tax Economic Activity Within Borders
Learn more about permanent establishments, Agency PEs, Service PEs, tax cases, BEPS, the MLI, and more over in our international taxation knowledge base
For those interested in managing a PE we also offer a commercial representation service.
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