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Intra-Company Transferees
ICT Visas offer important flexibility in global talent management. Repeat Worldly users can take advantage of our global employment infrastructure for ICT visa procurement. If you're already multinational and your talent qualifies for ICT, we can build your mobility around ICT.
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Repeat Perks
After your first Worldly assignment, it becomes easier to obtain ICT visas for agile deployment on Worldly's global entity network. Using us as a domestic PEO pre-assignment for a set period of time likewise increases visa options for your talent.
Tax Advantages
In select jurisdictions for certain assignment types, ICT visas become qualifiers for tax advantages such as tax residency options, mobility-related income or benefit exemptions, and even employment income flat tax rates or safe harbors.
MNC Inspired
We're modeling ourselves on a cutting-edge MNC practice: Many top MNCs use global employment companies to deploy talent on ICT and work permit visas within their network. In this sense, we're GEC as a service.
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