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Risk Mitigation
Intellectual Property and Data Practices
We implement gold standard data security protocols, even in the training of our machine learning models. Our entity infrastructure offers legal protection against cross-border IP risk.
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Data Security
Employee and payroll data is sensitive. Only permitted users have accses to data on our GDPR compliant platform, and we follow ISO 2007/10 and SOC 2 information security practices. Our machine learning algorithms only use data scrubbed of PII.
IP Protection
More relevant in international hiring/employment, we include Silicon Valley grade IP clauses in employment agreements across our active jurisdictions. We have access to local legal systems through our entities, and where offered we hold IP insurance to offset legal costs.
Equipment Provisions
More relevant in international hiring/employment, we can provision computers for your employees, to your specification and/or with security programs offering visibility, reporting, and control.
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