IA Policy
Assignment HR
International Assignment Policy
Global mobility starts with IA policy, a living document that captures best practices and key choices for your international assignments. We generate these for you during initiation. They are for your organization and we update them with case data as assignments progress.
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STAs and LTAs
We offer global mobility department, best-practice policies for both short-term assignments (under 1 year) and long-term assignments (greater than 1 year).
No Gain No Loss
By default our policies ensure your employees experience continuity of salary, benefits, and taxation, usually with significant savings for your oganization.
Co-Employment Setup
Choose between two co-employment relationships: "Continuity" to continue under your current employment contract, or "Handover" to shift emphasis to our equivalent, region-compliant contracts.
All required documents, generated and maintained
IA Policies
Repatriation Agreement
Letter of Assignment
Our app walks through and generates IA policy documents covering all significant aspects of an assignment for a region and employee type. We maintain and update these on our platform.
Data Driven Talent Mobility
Policies are active documents that grow with each assignment. We associate all case data with your relevant policies. We track estimated vs. actual costs. We track exceptions, unexpected costs, and policy issues. We track attrition post-assignment. Our platform gives you the data to extract learnings and optimize global mobility for your organization.
Read about how our strategic global payroll integrates right into policy design
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Platforms that Power Global Mobility
Global Mobility
A cutting-edge platform in the global mobility and international HR space. Launch assignments and manage all aspects of the employee lifecycle with our standalone platform, or opt for integrations into your current HR management.
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International Payroll
Simplified payroll and compensation management for your international employees, reducinig the complexity and obligations of international compliance to simple regular invoices.
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Employee Portal
Our portal posts available benefits and services, maintains key documents, generates pay slips, handles reimbursements, and offers direct channels to experts for tax, benefit, and travel advisory.
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