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What kind of companies are your clients?
Our vision is to globally enable all companies, startups and MNCs, to deliver easy, affordable, and strategic global mobility and global talent management. For our strongest areas of expertise, we like innovative companies with highly skilled professionals who are operating primarily in OECD countries. We help businesses across industries.
I need to get started ASAP. Can you help?
Yes we can get going ASAP. Click the big orange button to launch our app, and our initiation will guide you through the steps. If you're fine with our best-practice IA Policies, we'll send you the Terms of Service for signing right away. No payments are required until your employee starts receiving their salary after the start of the assignment. A refundable deposit is required when visa procurement begins.
Are there costs to get started? Can I cancel anytime?
There are no costs to get started, and yes, you can cancel anytime. Our flat rate billing does not begin until the assignment begins and your employee starts receiving their salary. We do require a refundable deposit when visa procurement begins.
Is there a minimum number of months?
We have a two month minimum for our "Global Assignment" and "Just Employment" packages. That's because after two months most jurisdictions claim unambiguous taxation rights, which is where our products are more useful. For less than two month assignments, business travel, or training-only trips, please reach out at
Do you cover permanent transferees too?
Yes. During initiation you can elect an IA Policy for PTs.
I already have a vendor for X. Can you work with them?
Yes. We will work with or around existing vendors in most cases. We'll offer discounts off our monthly flat rate where certain services aren't required. For inquiries about specific vendors, email us at
Can you tell me more about integrations?
We offer both standalone platforms and integrations into major HRM, ATS, payroll, and accounting platforms. Integrations are a one-time fee. You can message us with questions about integrations and pricing at
Why the special protections for visa, tax, and compliance?
Global mobility and cross-border taxation and compliance can be sources of financial risk. Our product and our partnerships are designed to minimize risk for you, so we proudly offer a few protections for all clients we work with: visa protection and tax/compliance protection up to $50k USD per employee. We've got you covered if you fail to get a desired visa, a mistake is made in tax or host country HR, or an audit occurs.
Can you elaborate on PE assess/manage?
We help you assess and manage permanent establishments. PE is determined by substance of activity and real beneficiaries, so you are not without risk of PE on surface factors alone. As part of our stanard service, we'll assess the nature of your activity, and if it's advisible to manage a PE, we'll take care of compliance, registration, and tax assistance for an additional flat fee. If you're certain you'll trigger a PE and want a quote on managing it, please email us at
What is the pricing for "a la carte" services?
Pricing varies depending on use case and custom setup. To inquire about custom or one-off setups, please email us at
Are you a domestic PEO as well?
Yes, we serve as an internationally-enabled domestic PEO, whether that is your home country or in an overseas market for your host country team. This setup offers flexibility for long term users, such as ICT mobility for quick deployments in one of our global employment companies. For domestic PEO services, please email us at
What is the pricing for "Nomad" or "Flex Work Perk"?
Our Flex Work Perk enables your company to offer a lifestyle benefit of temporary remote overseas work. Likewise Nomad helps independents engage in legal digital nomading. Please email to get a quote.
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