Global Payroll
International Payroll
A Strategic, Global Payroll
Our self-managed payroll is built for cross-border transactions and global mobility best practices. It's integrated with your IA policy, tax strategies, home-host country pairs, reimbursements, and cost reconciliations. We offer currency options, comprehensive reporting and visibility, and a generous protection policy. It's all included in our flat monthy fee.
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Tax Integrated
Our payroll integrates into your taxation strategies available under an IA policy: Tax equalization, special assignee rates, benefits taxation, contribution waivers, and more.
We itemize and maintain all components of income and taxation: Allowance types, tax equalized amounts, benefits (in-kind, in-cash), deductions, exemptions, reimbursements, incentive comp including equity.
Reporting, Visibility
Generate reports at all levels: organization, IA policy, individual, and at level of income and taxation components. We give central visibility of remittance payments and withholdings.
Cost Tracking
Each pay cycle we update your cost projections and display them against your IA policy. Our income component tracking allows us to flag costs that should trigger exceptions.
Integrated, Comprehensive
Our global payroll integrates your IA Policy, both country-specific and bilateral tax treaty knowledge, and mobility and global employment best-practices including tax strategies. It tracks the key metrics for your mobility and global employment programs.
Worldly's self-managed payroll platform makes mobility easy and affordable.
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Cross-Border Tax and Compliance Protection
Up to $50,000 USD Per Employee
Available for all customers starting November 2020
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