EOR and GECs
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Smooth Talent Deployment. Continuity First.
We implement the full range of employment and co-employment relationships using our own global entity network and MNC best practices. We emphasize continuity for your organization.
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We offer Employer-of-Record (EOR) and Global Employment Company (GEC) services, enabling Co-employment and Secondment around the world through our entity network.
Globally Enabled Companies
We're creating a new class of globally agile companies. For innovative companies of any size, pursue global opportunities with a click of a button.
Globally Enabled Employees
Likewise we're creating a class of global employees who can easily and compliantly be deployed, gaining valuable global career skills while driving innovation for company, host country, and home country.
Long Term Partnerships
Relationships are at the center of what we do, which explains why we have the highest customer and employee satisfaction rates in the industry. While our platforms and automation mean efficiency and lower prices, we seek to cultivate long term relationships with our clients. Many clients use us to test a market before opening a branch or subsidairy, and upon doing so over 80% have continued to use us as a coemployer. About half of our clients use us across multiple countries. We know your circumstances, the landscapes, and we likely have experience with any situation you might think of.
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Years In the Industry
Reputation and experience: Our team of directors comprise over 25 years in the PEO and international PEO space, as well as 10 years in robotic process automation, and 5 years in the artificial intelligence HR space.
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HR, tax, and mobility professionals located globally
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Self-Managed, Platform Driven
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