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We have the experience and the HR, tax, and mobility resources around the world to make sure that you, as a modern, world-class company, have all your requirements met. Likewise you can enjoy our team's innovative solutions in most countries of the world that increase your flexibiltiy and mitigate your risk.
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An extension of your own departmtent
We created a simple abstraction and a friendly interface over the complex, changing, and for most people, tedious, world of region-specific compliance in mobility and HR. We want to be a seamless extension of your team.
HR Compliance
We maintain regulatory compliance over the full employee lifecycle, starting with employment contracts (see below), and includes benefits admin, role changes, notice, leave, health checks, exits, complex transactions and more.
Payroll Compliance
We've got you covered here from comp management, statutory payments, contributions, and witholdings, tax reporting, overtime, PTO, severance, bonuses, complex transactions, and more.
Complex Transactions? No Problem
Incentive Compensation
Track equity grants and bonuses in cross-border contexts
Tax Equalization
Tax equalize all taxable income components, benefits, and contributions
Worldwide Income
Tax advisory for employees on worldwide sources including dividends, professional income, real estate, and capital gains.
Termination Scenarios
Statutory obligations and payments, notice, for-cause terminations, redundancy and retrenchment
Contractual Non Competes
Locally compliant non-competes to protect your IP
Social Security Tracking
Stay on your home social with certificates of coverage and totalization treaty navigation
Reimbursement Schemes
We'll approve reimbursements against your policy, track costs, and itemize for tax strategies
Global HR Misc
At-Will employment, medical certificates, PTO management, parental leave, statutory bonuses, change in family, and more, all as set by local regulations
Cross-Border Tax and Compliance Protection
Up to $50,000 USD Per Employee
Available for all customers starting November 2020
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