Global Citizenship
Empowering Locals
Part of our business facilitates the creation of new businesses in communities abroad. Through our international hiring and global recruiting we also help great companies employ talent from our host country communities.
We run our global mobility and co-employment services at cost for non-profit organizations who are expanding their missions globally or struggling with managing global talent. Please reach out at
New Compliance
We promote the tax base: At scale our service entails broad tax compliance through the placement of compliance front-and-center in our product. This includes PEs: a service which embraces PEs when probable that minimizes the cost and leg work of managing a PE.
Brain Circulation
Whether through assignments, rotation programs, spiral careers, self-initiated expatriation, etc., it's true that global talent circulates— a well-researched phenomena that drives prosperity and innovation, and informs many governments' talent diaspora management.
Understanding Prosperity and Innovation
Our passion for understanding country prosperity, innovation, and productive factors in global talent led us to produce a survey of the country indices literature, a breakdown of 30+ indices which we call the Great Index Zoo.
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