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Is your Organization Actually Remote Friendly?
When companies say they are remote-friendly they usually mean only domestically, since allowing employees to work while abroad creates legal compliance issues. Remote, international work is an excellent perk for many companies, so we offer a package to enable this lifestyle option for employees.
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A Novel Employee Perk
Employers who can offer remote work periods abroad, to either individuals or as a team trip, stand out in a crowded marketplace, particularly in areas like Silicon Valley where remote work flexibility, or even untracked PTO, is quickly becoming the norm. While rare, this perk is usually only seen at companies with Fortune 500 resources.
Affordable Packages
We understand the goal is a short term remote work trip centered around employee or team experience, and not a full offering of international PEO for business pursuits. We've designed packages to get your employees quickly authorized along with compliant, lightweight EOR/payroll. For now, almost 60% cheaper than our regular monthly packages.
Maximize Employee Happiness and Loyalty
We've trialed our flex-work perk with a few companies and received clear feedback that employees are thrilled. For certain types of companies, we believe occasional remote work experiences in new countries boosts employee happiness, their loyalty to you, and their long term productivity.
Likewise: Legal Digital Nomading
Our flex-work package can be extended to individual digital nomads as well. This allows nomads to achieve security, healthcare, perks, and legal work authorization while working abroad. Digital nomading doesn't have to be in a legal grey area. We likewise offer tax advisory on independent professional income in cross-border context. Email to get pricing and information.
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