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The End-to-End Talent Lifecycle
Our platforms allow you to manage the full lifecycle of overseas employees. We handle complex HR issues, engage employees, promote retainment, support spouses, and in event of termination, even provide outplacement recruitment services. Transitions in and out could not be easier.
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All Early Stage Employer Duties, As Required
After designing a locally compliant employment contract, we can seamlessly manage all of your early phase needs. Most commonly: Onboarding, work related setup, probation periods, check-ins, and partner training programs for data practices and security, harassment, and diversity.
Both Employment Updates and Retainment
Our platform supports the most common employment updates for current employees: Role change, promotion, internal mobility, and new dependants. Likewise our AI-based retention measures involve pulse surveys and checkins, to get you (and us) in front of employee dissatisfaction.
Manage Complexity and Risk of Employee Exits
Parting ways with an international emplyoee is complex and can entail substantial compliance risks. No problem, we have deep experience handling almost all exit circumstances: Termination, retrenchment, redundance, notice and severance, unpaid leave, proving of cause, outplacements, exit of country, and transfer to branch or subsidiary establishment.
Converting Employment Contracts
For some client needs, we will convert your home contract to a host one. Contracts need to be compliant with all national and regional regulations, govnerning, among many things, leave, time off, at will, termination, 13th months, contributions, overtime, insurances, IP clauses, stock options, and more. They sometimes need to be in multiple languages, and should have the flexibiliy to accomodate co-employment, secondment, or any type of employment relationship that modern, multinationals expect.
Employment Contract Factors
in building our technology, we compiled data from our international legal network and identified 68 distinct employment contract variables, that is clauses and specifications that can vary depending on a region's regulations or available options.
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