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Dual-Career Couples
We put partners and family at the center of mobility because they are a determinant of assignment success. We secure host country work authorization, help with career opportunity, enroll in upskilling courses, networking events, language and culture classes, coaching, and we connect partners with other expats.
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Partner and Dependant Visas
We kick off partner and dependants visa procurement as soon as allowed, working with our same top partner firm. At any point we will work on work permits for your assignee's partner. You'll get exact timelines for your dependants on our global mobility platform.
We ensure your partner has top Fortune 500 medical coverage as well, and we extend any other fringe benefits where possible to partner and dependants. For children, education fringe benefits is standard and we and our partners assist in the selection of schools, admin, and taxation of this benefit.
Career and Integration
We help with work authorization and host country employment for partners. We also introduce them to other dual-career partners in our expat networks, and we facilitate enrollment in language and cultural classes, networking events, and personal coaching.
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