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Cross-Border Tax Planning
Home and host country tax advisory for both employee and company is built into our product. This means a practical understanding of both domestic tax regimes and bilateral tax treaties, and informs taxation strategies for employment relations, salaries, benefits, equity compensation, compliance, and more.
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Tax Experts
Talk to our tax expert network at any point, from early policy design, to taxable events, to repatriation. Assignees/employees can access our expert network through group chat features in their employee portal. For complex cases we'll refer to one of our Big Four partner accounting firms.
Payroll Integrated
Our strategic global payroll understands the countries and treaties at stake, and itemizes tax advantageous income rates, benefits, reimbursements, deductions/exemptions and more. It tracks savings and provides easy collection and reporting to support analytics and reconciliations.
Policy Integrated
Much of our complementary tax planning is imprinted in our IA policies. You can select our best-practice policies used by MNCs or design your own. Likewise our default repatriation agreements and letter of assignments reflect
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