Compensation Collection
International Payroll
Compensation Collection
Compensation collection with actionable insights: Track and export all relevant aspects of your global payroll on a centralized platform, for monitoring, tax preparation, policy development, and account reconciliations.
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Central Tracking
We've designed our payroll to track all key financial aspects of your mobility program in one central place.
Generate reports at all levels: organization, IA policy, individual, and at level of income and taxation components. Export to formats used by your organization.
Track your company's savings in real-time: deductions, exemptions, credits, and treaty benefits such as reduced income tax rates or waived social taxes.
Taxation Events
Likewise track tax-impacting events such as equity grants, use of one-time benefits, family size change, and tax residency status change.
Custom Snapshots
We give you payroll insights and analytics for your global teams. Get cost snapshots, per team, individual, IA Policy, or per payroll component like salary, incentive pay, expensing, remittance, tax savings, and expected writeoffs. We project costs and reconcile against your IA policy.
Worldly's self-managed payroll platform makes mobility easy and affordable.
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