Commercial Representation
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Commercial Representation
We globally enable companies. We can represent you commercially in global markets, sign contracts, manage a PE, follow key subsidiary principles, and handle taxation using expertise and best-practices, just as we do for global assignments.
See Worldly
As a global commercial partner, we can essentially allow you to trial a subsidiary in a new market. Following MNC best-practices, we'll manage the challenges and risks involved in operating a subsidiary, as well as a dynamic MNC organization.
Avoid Double Taxation
We'll apply treaty benefits and proper PE management to avoid double corporate tax. We'll petition advanced rulings in complex cases, and overall minimize your financial exposure in the event of an audit.
Transfer Pricing
We'll navigate the complexity of transfer pricing for relevant cross-border transactions between our local representation and your organization.
Added Value
With MNC expansion best practices, we'll set you up to be globally dynamic and agile organization. Likewise with our focus in Industry 4.0 and technology, our technical advisors and even engineers can help shape your product or service for the new market.
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