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Fortune 500 Assignment Benefits
Design a package for your needs, or use our best-practice and cost-effective benefits suites. We bargain group rates and pass those on to your employees. We'll manage the complex taxation and reimbursements, following top benefits taxation strategies per region.
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Typically these are the government-mandated health benefits, often free, and are included standard in all of our service plans.
These are internatinoal and host-country plans with have more comprehensive coverage, including access to top hospitals and healthcare providers.
Commuter, retirement matching, life insurance, critical illness, disability, workers compensation, and travel insurance. Also includes our mobility protection and IP insurance.
Tax advisory and return preparation, relocation, gym/social club membership, car service, mobile plans, flights, temporary accomodations, apartments, and workspace.
Assignee Staples:
Tax Advisory
Included standard is basic assignee tax advisory, with access to our expert network at any time through the assignee portal. We'll connect with partner firms for non employment cross-border income like capital gains, dividends, or real estate.
Tax Equalization
We tax equalize all taxable income components and contributions, and while assignments to a lower tax jurisdiction will benefit the company, the reverse is an important benefit to the employee.
Partner, Family Support
Given the effect on assignments, dual-career couples and families should be at the center of a benefits package, including partner work visa support and children's education.
Housing is a standard assignee benefit, and for a given region we'll help you pick a smart cost range for housing allowance or select a desirable in-kind housing benefit.
While not all are expected, the full range of flight benefits are: Look-see visits, expatriation, home-leave, family visits, and repatriation. Economy airfare with transport at both ends.
Relocation can include temporary housing in both home and host countries, goods shipment, international or local mobile plan, and a miscellanous housing allowance for settling in.
Tax Return Preparation
We partner with a leading big four firm to prepare returns for assignees in home and host countries. We help assignees navigate who deal with more than just employment income as well.
Language/Culture Classes
Assignees can maximize their experiences abroad with regular language or cultural immersion courses. Recommended for accompanying partners or familiy members as well.
Customers Who Elect Certain Fringe Benefit Packages are
Eligible for $5,000 USD Employee Signing Bonuses.
Availabiltiy of eligible fringe benefits is subject to agreements with providers
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