AI Specialists with a Decade of Data
AI talent in the HR space from Silicon Valley and Singapore, leveraging a decade of data in mobility, immigration, benefits, tax planning, and recruitment. Conversational AI flows and AI-based assessments give you a streamlined, delightful mobility project, as well as efficient and scalable operations for your whole team.
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Conversational AI
Our conversational AI system is a novel type of NLP system trained on vast amounts of text based customer interactions. It offers intelligent, natural language conversations, and is the frontend that feeds into our automation backend.
We leverage over a decade of our data to assess employees and mobility projects, for factors related to permit issuance, compliance red flags, permanent establishment activity, and benefits qualifications.
Expat Recruitment
We help companies tap into the strategic expat market, recruiting from our skilled expat network and using automation technologies to scale searches in a quick and affordable manner. Find out more on our recruitment page.
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